Internet Marketing

5 Internet Marketing Trends to Keep a Track in 2016

The concepts and practices of internet marketing evolves and set off quickly. Each year brings new technology, new software, and new market preferences. To develop an excellent online marketing strategy, the promoters need to be up to date with all the latest SEO trends. Those who can rightly identify the ‘real’ next big thing, opposed to investing on something that may not work, can have a significant advantage over the competition to seize the market.

As we are already into the first quarter of the new year, here we will check what is going to take online marketing to the next level by the second half of year 2016.

  1. Video ads at an all-time hype

Video ads are there for long, but it is said that these will dominate 2016. You can see that Facebook and Bing have already started offering packages for video ads to advertisers. Google also included video content in their search engine algorithm. These changes set forth a significant scope for online video ads as they can interact with users in a highly engaging manner when compared to text and images.

  1. Apps seizing new heights

Google’s new algorithm is also giving weightage to mobile friendly sites with info from indexed applications for search engine rankings. It is also notable that app indexing has taken off lately, which drops app content to Google mobile search results. So, business owners are also catching up well with apps as these are more responsive to individual users. As the mobile websites have a difficult time to find their way in, 2016 can surely be of more apps for business purposes. You can already find many such apps by e-com providers and banks running successfully.

  1. Mobile’s dominance

This is what we are seeing for the past few years. The mobile usage is fast eclipsing the desktop and laptop usage and this trend will surely continue in 2016. The Google’s decision to consider mobile friendliness for search engine rankings has further made mobile merely fit for any purpose, which users achieved through desktops previously.

  1. New SEO strategies

At the rise of internet marketing, most of the strategies were revolving around search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). However, now it is a fact that the digital assistants as Siri (iPhone) and Cortana (Windows) can be optimized to answer customer queries. In 2016, more online marketers also will be looking forward to making their business details available through virtual assistants than simply listing the info on web.

  1. Virtual reality

We see that there are many virtual reality devices all-set to launch in 2016, expecting to bring unbelievable changes in user experience. We need to wait and see what kind of impact the wearable technology and VR concepts make in consumer behavior this year to develop digital marketing strategies which best suit to the need.

As we have seen back in 2015, businesses were much interested in increasing their investment in terms of online advertising when compared to the conventional mode of advertising. Surveys show that this trend will continue in year 2016 too and companies may spend an extra $10 billion for digital marketing this time when compared to 2015.