Any marketer will now agree to the fact that the trends in digital marketing quickly and constantly change by leaving no one an expert in it with a particular strategy. If you are not reading or updating yourself about the industry and technology daily, one may left behind in just a matter of weeks from this highly competitive arena.

However, this changing market landscape also means that the audience is not only growing with every technological advancement, but also becomes more and more reachable. The online marketing trends, as you may witness, are constantly stirring up, but only after some initial experimentation by providers and stakeholders, we can efficiently analyze how effective these strategies would be.

For those who want to stay ahead in this changing market, let us explore a couple of basic strategies.

  • Join the mobile bandwagon

You know where 90% of your customers are? They are on their mobile phones. Just spare a little time watching people outdoors and you will see that no one is able to move on for more than 5 minutes without checking at their smartphone. It’s a kind of mental addiction, I should tell you. This is an opportunity for the marketers and business owners to leverage this dependency for your advantage. If you don’t optimize your pages for mobile traffic, you are not simply losing something, but everything!

Along with your website, the;

  • Campaigns
  • landing pages
  • emails, everything should be made mobile ready in order not to miss out the major chunk of traffic you can expect through this.

You can check out and find that the successful landing pages are highly mobile friendly website designs. You can use the mobile-responsive CSS frameworks, which make it easy to code for a greater mobile experience. However, it is not yet the eradication of desktop and laptop altogether, so your ideal goal is to give the customers the best experience wherever they are (being fluidic).

  • Become a content factory

Content marketing is nothing new in online promotion. Good content can not only establish you as a trustworthy source, but also can help with the SEO rankings; whichever changing algorithms come into play. Above all the design aesthetics and optimization strategies you can incorporate, content remains the king of the jungle where hunting is so tough.

Releasing free and quality content is essential if you want to stay ahead in the online marketing scaffold in the forthcoming decade. Using the content effectively to attract and engage your prospective leads is the key to online marketing success. There are various formats of content marketing as;

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Interactive quiz
  • Video
  • Slidesharing
  • e-books
  • news releases
  • Whitepapers and lot more.

Moreover, while talking about the latest trends in online marketing, you have to consider the shortened attention span of the busy modern-day dwellers. This demands brands to find out more innovative ways to fit into the new consumption pattern. Of course the serious buyers would always like to read your in-depth article to make purchase decision, but to attract a blank prospect to what you got to offer, the 140 characters of Twitter should be bright.